Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Three lanes

In a conversation with Mr.Deepak Rao a historian and a social scientist who lived bombay from his heart and soul spread open the appealing history of the few lanes i never heard about.It was amazing to enhance my library of places and roads in south bombay.

I believe a man should always take the initiative to move an extra step in order to know about the place where he/she lives,until one doesn't know about his own land how would he manage to accomodate the background of various other lands in the world.

The Beef Market road which is now known as the Nadir Shah Sukhiya road.The significance of the road is evident from it's name-the beef market ,it says that earlier streets were given names according to the surrounding but with time the roads are also not spared of the politics played at the cost of the deep history involved.The store Lane which endures the name as is.It is the area where the military stored it's material for decades and still does .The last not the least, the Winter Road which has a conglomoration of beautiful bunglows where resides the creme de la creme crowd.The bunglows inspite of their age are maintaned well,the best part about this road is you dont have to hunt for beauty its all over the place mesmerizing one's senses.

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