Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hutatma chowk

We are all vaguely aware of the Hutatma chowk.On my impatient way to Fountain sizzlers i noticed a board saying the Hutatame chowk ,as ingrained deeply in my habit to over mark things but i can't really help it.Throughout my meal i was thinking and trying to connect the relevance of Flora Fountain being renamed as Hutatma chowk.

After refering to few books written on bombay i was made to realize that in the year 1956 during an agitation at Flora Fountain for the formation of Maharashtra as a state a number of 105 people lost their in the process.Therefore Flora Fountain was renamed as Hutatama chowk in the memory of  these martyrs who fought till the end at the of their lives which was as priceless as our lives are to our family members.

The problem is not in the system but deeprooted somewhere in all of us.we dont wish to take an step and know about history or the past in which men and women lost their lives for a cause.Today the scenario is of going only by the confined lines of the syllabus in colleges or schools.Application of knowledge and the inclination to fetch information on various matters is missing.

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