Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Bread Market lane

While taking a walk along with a friend through the fort market area ,he noticed a very eye catchy lane named the BREAD MARKET LANE and as usual my inquisitiveness to explore new roads pushed me to know more about this amazingly named lane.

After talking to some old and gracious men who lived in bombay for decades and nurtured it's beauty their own way.They pointedly mentioned the original bombay and how much they loath the ever growing bombay today.

Behind the fort market there exist THREE BAKERIES who stood the test of time for decades and still stands upright and glorified.According to the resources i got in touch with, explain those three bakeries to have marvellous exteriors and interiors of the olden times.Finally i quenched my thirst with whatever i got to know and grasp about the background of the lane and it's name ,where fragrance of freshly baked breads keeps floating in the air whenever one crosses the area if in this super fast era he bothers to acknowledge the history.

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