Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The kitchen garden lane

There lies a very cultivating lane opposite G.T hospital at lohar chaal the kitchen garden lane. When i marked the name of this lane for the first time there arose curiousness in me to go ahead and learn a little more about it's history and background.

when asked and researched i realized something so appealing about the relevance of the name given to this lane in accordance to things that had existed here .One time in history of bombay in the 1900's this particular lane had small houses along with tiny gardens where people cultivated vegetables and some variety of flowers in the vicinity for their basic consumption. It is said that people living there those days followed the path of being self-sufficient and not depended on other resources for atleast their kitchen requisites.

Although shopkeepers today with the passage of time have got habituated to the new name as well for commercial purposes they do keep an account of both as most of the trade in that area is carried on the address of kitchen garden lane.

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