Wednesday, September 22, 2010

No-2 Mount Pleasant Road

For me going up to malabar hill and tracing the Jinnah House No-2 at Mount Pleasant Road was more than an experience .One morning reading the newspaper i noticed an article describing mohd.Ali Jinnah's house in bombay.It beautifully presented the history of the bunglow and grand background it carries.

Walking down the lanes on malabar hill i was a little clueless about the exact road where the bunglow was situated.I saw a girl  crossing the road i went up to her and asked if she could guide me to Jinnah house ,her expression and reaction was absolutely unbelievable to me.she did not know about the existence of that house in malabar hill .Ironically she lived in the same lane where the bunglow was.

What astonished me the most was that she knew Shimla house,Birla house but was deaf and blind to the house of a man who was the catalyst to India-Pakistan partition ,man who was the closest to our father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi before independence.He was a highly learned man and was of equal significance like Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru but unfortunately his name got registered in the dark pages of our country.

With god's grace i reached there without too much of struggle and quenched my thirst of having a look at the bunglow personally.I could visualize all the royality that decorated the house once upon a time the baggies ,the premium breed horses in the premises symbolizing a perfect king size life that he lived.What saddened me to the core was that people today have got so engrossed in their plastic life that they fail to acknowledge any thing and everything enshrined in the history.

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