Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Forjett street

On my way to a friend's house who lives opposite Bhatia hospital on forjett street,i asked the taxi driver to take me to Dinanath Mangeshkar road,now the million dollar question that the taxi driver had was where on earth was this road.He told me to get down as he was not aware of this road in bombay.

Knowing my rights well, i requested him to move and also gave him my piece of mind regarding the rule passed recently of the penalty he would have to pay after he said a yes to drive me wherever i want.As i am on foot generally the turns and directions are on the tip of my tongue of places i often travel.I asked him to take a right turn from the kennedy bridge at grant road which now not known to many is called the M Shuakat ali road.I could notice the puzzle on his face about me as well as the address where i was directing him to.

We reached Bhatia hospital in some minutes due to trafic,originally it takes some seconds to reach there from the Kennedy bridge.Some steps ahead opposite the hospital i asked him to stop.He was extremely confused he asked me why am i getting down at forjett street? and then in the end i informed him about forjett street renamed as Dinanath mangeshkar road man known  for his contribution to music which today many of us fail to acknowledge.

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