Wednesday, September 22, 2010

No.13 Wood house Road

SCHOEN HOUSE-why is it haunted?
In colaba, on woodhouse road No-13 stands an extremely suspicious and isolated bunglow. It is said that for decades there struck no deal for this house.No real estate agent wants to get involved in it as they feel it's cursed by an unknown soul which may have suffered or was tortured in this house.

It was built by a parsi gentleman in the first decade of the last millenium .The only record which was clear to people was of the German tenant.He was a dentist by profession who was a special appointy to clean the teeth of his excellency.He was a Jew but being a German national he was interned by the police and thereafter nobody new of his whereabouts.Inspite of a builder purchasing it long time ago it still remains abondoned, left to the mercy of NATURE.

However though it looks ghostly or haunted,not a single soul if there exist one has been successful in harming anyone.There are assumptions that the presence of a church has controlled it's reach and kept it underground and will continue doing it


  1. Hi. I went to Schoen House today and couldn't help examining the premises. When I googled it your article was the only one that spoke of its history. May I know where you've sourced it from. It would be of great help. Thanks.

  2. can i please know the source oh this information?
    where did u find the history of this house?

  3. Hey...I'm a Student and I went To colaba...My friends and I was Near The Gate of This house...I desperately wanna Know if this house is haunted? MY FRIEND was telling me but I thought its fake... I googled it and got your article..please let me know more about this house...Desperately waiting for more information ..thank you

  4. I am reporting this article to cybercell for maligning the image of the tenants residing in Schoen house. This article is completely misleading and planted with vested interests. A very close family friend resides there and I have spent almost all my childhood and teenage there. I still live in Colaba and can assure anyone reading this article that there is no iota of truth to it...

    1. Are u sure ppl live there? There are no lights

  5. I second you on that Kevin. Our family is living in the premises of Schoen House for the past 70 years and all these rumors brings in unwarranted visitors on a ghost hunting trail. Perhaps the author of this blog would have done some fact searching before publishing.