Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bavan Khani Road

Living at kashibai Nowrange Marg for three years i realized ,on my way to college taking the 123. There stands a beautiful  bunglow on my left near cafe New York.Every aspect and corner of the bunglow is intricately done ,the roof is kept neat ,doors properly finished ,windows designed in a simple manner but still seem very distinct.

It is the DABOLKAR bunglow which opens for people once a year only.When i got to know that it opens only once a year i wanted to know the reason behind it.After talking to few residents of that area i understood the significance of it's presence.In the premises of the bunglow there stands a private temple which opens just once a year on the eve of Guru Dattatare Diwas for the devoties.People form large ques in order to enter the temple spending hours standing in the line without a wrinkle of boredom and fatique.They say that the amount of satisfaction they absorb standing in the line patiently is unexplainable.

Therefore the Bavan Khani road connects to the Dabolkar bunglow .To me the relevance of the name given to this road remains a mystery.People around were not very sure about the history or the background of the road.I still have to research a lot about the place ,long way to go.....

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  1. Attend a walk that will be taking place on this 3rd of December, to know why.